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1Data Services

Data is the lifeblood of your organisation and one of the fundamental building blocks of successful marketing. Despite this fact, its importance is frequently underestimated.

Cara can build prospect information from scratch or validate existing lists - cleansing and enriching your data so your campaigns stand the greatest chance of success.

We can also add an additional layer of customer intelligence to your data, helping to craft highly targeted market approaches that cut through the clutter.

2Sales Development

You need to ensure you have enough leads to convert to tangible opportunities that will result in target-smashing revenue.

Cara supports clients throughout this whole process. We have proven success on projects ranging from raising awareness of a new proposition, to lead generation, qualification, appointment setting and nurturing.

We’re effective because we take the time to understand your business and your objectives – and coupled with our market experience and rapport-building expertise, we focus on delivering results.

3Marketing Project Management

Our clients consider us to be an extension of their marketing team, advising on the most appropriate approaches to achieve your objectives.

For example, we are frequently involved in the ‘before, during and after’ of client events – ensuring you get the registrations needed to meet desired attendee numbers and then converting delegates into pipelined opportunities.

Cara is also adept at planning and running email campaigns on our clients’ behalf, following up with those recipients most receptive to your offer.

4Customer Success

It’s not just about driving new business – it’s imperative to ensure that your customers return and develop into loyal advocates. Cara also assists with on-boarding and welcome calls, evaluates customer satisfaction, helps turn around lapsed customers, and ensures customer retention.

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What Our Customers Say

Siemens PLM Software (Marketing Execution Manager)

"Cara have been an invaluable part of our outsourced Marketing team. They are a reliable, driven, results focused and flexible team.”

Cadline (Commercial Director)

“Cara have developed a deep understanding of our business, technologies and customer experience that helps deliver credible results from projects. The team is responsive and adapts well to new campaigns and challenges and we have developed a great relationship that helps us maintain the flexibility required to achieve our new business lead generation objectives.”

CAD IT (Marketing Manager)

“Cara have proven to be a valuable long-term partner and as such are viewed as an extension of our Sales and Marketing team”

Opticall (Managing Director)

“I have worked with Cara for a number of years. They have proved to be a reliable extension of my marketing efforts and assist in helping me to expand my business”

Tech Data Ltd (Sales and Marketing Manager)

“I highly, highly recommend using Cara Telemarketing. They always deliver great telemarketing campaigns on behalf of ourselves and our resellers. From set up to ROI, you could not ask for a more dedicated agency”.

The Phone Co-op (B2B Marketing Manager Content and Commercial)

“We use Cara Telemarketing as an extension of our sales team when we are running specific campaigns and they always provide exceptional results.

They always go the extra mile, are extremely knowledge and prove their ROI time after time. They go out of their way to fit into our processes and we can always count on them to provide results. I’d recommend Cara to anyone needing a telemarketing agency or some extra sales help and I look forward to continue working with them”.

Blakebrook Group (Head of Marketing)

“I have used Cara telemarketing on numerous occasions over the past 7 years and have always found they have a good grasp of our client proposition and brief. Cara have been helpful in delivering leads to our sales teams and are a great resource for short term projects as an extension of our business. Cara are friendly and professional, and I would recommend them to other businesses looking for help with lead generation.”

1st Waste Management (Sales Director)

“The Cara team is responsive and adapts well to new campaigns and challenges and we have developed a great relationship that helps us maintain the flexibility required to achieve our new business lead generation objectives.”

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